77. Review and transfer of exemptions

  1. The Minister or MEC may -
    1. from time to time review any exemption granted in terms of section 76; and
    2. on good grounds suspend or withdraw such exemption or amend the exemption, or any part thereof.
  2. Before suspending, withdrawing or amending an exemption, the Minister or MEC must give the person to whom the exemption was granted an opportunity to comment, in writing, on the reasons for the suspension, withdrawal or amendment.
  3. If an exemption has been granted in respect of a waste management activity, or part thereof, and ownership of that waste management activity is transferred, the exemption may, with the permission of the Minister or MEC, be transferred by the holder of the exemption to the new owner of the waste management activity.
  4. Section 52 applies with the changes required by the context to the transfer of exemptions.