41. Core components

  1. A municipality must in terms of its performance management system and in accordance with any regulations and guidelines that may be prescribed -
    1. set appropriate key performance indicators as a yardstick for measuring performance, including outcomes and impact. with regard to the municipality’s development priorities and objectives set out in its integrated development plan;
    2. set measurable performance targets with regard to each of those development priorities and objectives;
    3. with regard to each of those development priorities and objectives and against the key performance indicators and targets set in terms of paragraphs (a) and (b) -
      1. monitor performance; and
      2. measure and review performance at least once per year;
    4. take steps to improve performance with regard to those development priorities and objectives where performance targets are not met; and
    5. establish a process of regular reporting to -
      1. the council, other political structures, political office bearers and staff of the municipality; and
      2. the public and appropriate organs of state.
  2. The system applied by a municipality in compliance with subsection (1)(c) must be devised in such a way that it may serve as an early warning indicator of under-performance.