24. Municipal planning in co-operative government

  1. The planning undertaken by a municipality must be aligned with, and complement, the development plans and strategies of other affected municipalities and other organs of state so as to give effect to the principles of co-operative government contained in section 41 of the Constitution.
  2. Municipalities must participate in national and provincial development programmed as required in section 153(b) of the Constitution.
  3. If municipalities are required to comply with planning requirements in terms of national or provincial legislation, the responsible organs of state must-
    1. align the implementation of that legislation with the provisions of this Chapter; and
    2. in such implementation-
      1. consult with the affected municipality; and
      2. take reasonable steps to assist the municipality to meet the time limit mentioned in section 25 and the other requirements of this Chapter 30 applicable to its integrated development plan.
  4. An organ of state initiating national or provincial legislation requiring municipalities to comply with planning requirements, must consult with organised local government before the legislation is introduced in Parliament or a provincial legislature, or, in the case of subordinate legislation, before that legislation is enacted.