12. Legislative procedures

  1. Only a member or committee of a municipal council may introduce a draft by-law in the council.
  2. A by-law must be made by a decision taken by a municipal council-
    1. in accordance with the rules and orders of the council; and
    2. with a supporting vote of a majority of its members.
  3. No by-law may be passed by a municipal council unless-
    1. all the members of the council have been given reasonable notice; and
    2. the proposed by-law has been published for public comment in a manner that allows the public an opportunity to make representations with regard to the proposed by-law.
  4. Subsections (1) to (3) also apply when a municipal council incorporates by reference, as by-laws, provisions of-
    1. legislation passed by another legislative organ of state: or
    2. standard draft by-laws made in terms of section 14.