26. Core components of integrated development plans

An integrated development plan must reflect-

  1. the municipal council's vision for the long term development of the municipality with special emphasis on the municipality's most critical development and internal transformation needs;
  2. an assessment of the existing level of development in the municipality, which must include an identification of communities which do not have access to basic municipal services;
  3. the council's development priorities and objectives for its elected term, including its local economic development aims and its internal transformation needs;
  4. the council's development strategies which must be aligned with any national or provincial sectoral plans and planning requirements binding on the municipality in terms of legislation;
  5. a spatial development framework which must include the provision of basic guidelines for a land use management system for the municipality;
  6. the council's operational strategies;
  7. applicable disaster management plans;
  8. a financial plan, which must include a budget projection for at least the next three years; and
  9. the key performance indicators and performance targets determined in terms of section 41.