99. Supervisory authority

A municipality's executive committee or executive mayor or, if a municipality does not have an executive committee or executive mayor, the municipal council itself or a committee appointed by it, as the supervisory authority must -

  1. oversee and monitor -
    1. the implementation and enforcement of the municipality's credit control and debt collection policy and any by-laws enacted in terms of section 98; and
    2. the performance of the municipal manager in implementing the policy and any by-laws;
  2. when necessary, evaluate or review the policy and any by-laws, or the implementation of the policy and any such by-laws, in order to improve efficiency of its credit control and debt collection mechanisms, processes and procedures; and
  3. at such intervals as may be determined by the council report to a meeting of the council, except when the council itself performs the duties mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b).