30. Contents of industry waste management plans

  1. The Minister, in a notice contemplated in section 28(1) or 29(1), or the MEC, in a notice contemplated in section 28(2) or 29(2), must specify the information that must be included the industry waste management plan.
  2. The information that the Minister or MEC specifies in terms of subsection (1) may include-
    1. the amount of waste that is generated;
    2. measures to prevent pollution or ecological degradation;
    3. targets for waste minimisation through waste reduction, re-use, recycling and recovery;
    4. measures or programmes to minimise the generation of waste and the final disposal of waste;
    5. measures or actions to be taken to manage waste;
    6. the phasing out of the use of specified substances;
    7. opportunities for the reduction of waste generation through changes to packaging, product design or production processes;
    8. mechanisms for informing the public of the impact of the waste-generating products or packaging on the environment;
    9. the extent of any financial contribution to be made to support consumer-based waste reduction programmes;
    10. the period that is required for implementation of the plan;
    11. methods for monitoring and reporting; and
    12. any other matter that may be necessary to give effect to the objects of this Act.