39. Orders to remediate contaminated lan

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  1. A remediation order issued under section 38(2) or an order issued under section 38(3) must describe, to the extent that it is applicable-
    1. the person who is responsible for undertaking the remediation;
    2. the land to which the order applies;
    3. the nature of the contamination;
    4. the measures that must be taken to remediate the land or the standards that must be complied with when remediating the land;
    5. the period within which the order must be complied with;
    6. whether any limitations in respect of the use of the land are imposed;
    7. the measures that must be taken to monitor or manage the risk; and
    8. any other prescribed matter.
  2. Before issuing a remediation order or an amended remediation order, the Minister or MEC, as the case may be, must consult with the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry and any other organ of state concerned.
  3. The Minister or MEC, as the case may be, may instruct any official within his or her Department to ensure that the remediation order is complied with.