60. Establishment of national waste information system

  1. The Minister must establish a national waste information system for the recording, collection, management and analysis of data and information that must include -
    1. data on the quantity and type or classification of waste generated, stored, transported, treated, transformed, reduced, re-used, recycled, recovered and disposed of; and
    2. a register of -
      1. waste management activities that have been licensed;
      2. the holders of waste management licences authorised to commence the waste management activities recorded in terms of subparagraph (i); and
      3. the locations where the licensed waste management activities are or may be conducted.
  2. The waste information system may include information on -
    1. the levels and extent of waste management services provided by municipalities;
    2. information on compliance with this Act; and
    3. any other information that is necessary for the purposes of effective administration of this Act.
  3. The national waste information system may be implemented incrementally.