5. Disclosure of interests

  1. A councillor must-
    1. disclose to the municipal council, or to any committee of which that councillor is a member, any direct or indirect personal or private business interest that that councillor, or any spouse, partner or business associate of that councilor may have in any matter before the council or the committee; and
    2. withdraw from the proceedings of the council or committee when that matter is considered by the council or committee, unless the council or committee decides that the councillor's direct or indirect interest in the titter is trivial or irrelevant.
  2. A councillor who, or whose spouse, partner. business associate or close family member, acquired or stands to acquire any direct benefit from a contract concluded with the municipality, must disclose full particulars of the benefit of which the councillor is aware at the first meeting of the municipal council at which it is possible for the councillor to make the disclosure.
  3. This section does not apply to an interest or benefit which a council or, or a spouse, partner, business associate or close family member, has or acquires in common with other residents of the municipality.