7. Declaration of interests

  1. When elected or appointed, a councillor must within 60 days declare in writing to the municipal manager the following financial interests held by that councilor;
    1. shares and securities in any company;
    2. membership of any close corporation;
    3. interest in any trust;
    4. directorships;
    5. partnerships;
    6. other financial interests in any business undertaking;
    7. employment and remuneration;
    8. interest in property;
    9. pension; and
    10. subsidies, grants and sponsorships by any organisation.
  2. Any change in the nature or detail of the financial interests of a councillor must be declared in writing to the municipal manager annually.
  3. Gifts received by a councillor above a prescribed amount must also be declared in accordance with subitem (1).
  4. The municipal council must determine which of the financial interests referred in subitem (1) must be made public having regard to the need for confidentiality and the public interest for disclosure.