3. Commitment to serving the public interest

A staff member of a municipality is a public servant in a developmental local system, and must accordingly-

  1. implement the provisions of section 50(2);
  2. foster a culture of commitment to serving the public and a collective sense of responsibility for performance in terms of standards and targets;
  3. promote and seek to implement the basic values and principles of public administration described in section 195 (1) of the Constitution;
  4. obtain copies of or information about the municipality’s integrated development plan, and as far as possible within the ambit of the staff member’s job description, seek to implement the objectives set out in the integrated development plan, and achieve the performance targets set for each performance indicator;
  5. participate in the overall performance management system for the municipality, as well as the staff member’s individual performance appraisal and reward system, if such exists, in order to maximise the ability of the municipality as a whole to achieve its objectives and improve the quality of life of its residents.