4. Personal gain

  1. A staff member of a municipality may not-
    1. use the position or privileges of a staff member, or confidential information obtained as a staff member, for private gain or to improperly benefit another person; or
    2. take a decision on behalf of the municipality concerning a matter in which that staff member, or that staff member's spouse, partner or business associate, has a direct or indirect personal or private business interest.
  2. Except with the prior consent of the council of a municipality a staff member of the municipality may not-
    1. be a party to a contract for-
      1. the provision of goods or services to the municipality; or
      2. the performance of any work for the municipality otherwise than as a staff member;
    2. obtain a financial interest in any business of the municipality; or
    3. be engaged in any business, trade or profession other than the work of the municipality.