3. Communication and stakeholder participation

Under the Waste Act, Chapter 3, section 11 (7b) states that. “A municipality must, before finalising its integrated waste management plan, follow a consultative process contemplated in section 29 of the Municipal System Act, either as a separate process or as part of the consultative process relating to its IDP contemplated in that section’’.

Apart from the Waste Act calling for community/stakeholder participation, Chapter 4 of the Municipal systems Act encourages municipalities to conduct community participation when developing their IWMP and it provides different mechanisms by which this could be done.

The following box provides ideas on the different stakeholders that municipalities could consult:

Box 5: Identifying interested and affected parties

Tip: Identifying interested and affected parties are: These could be:
  • Traditional and Government authorities;
  • Recyclers;
  • Community based organizations such as churches, youth environmental groups, formalized Non-governmental organizations;
  • Political leaders e.g. ward councilors; MEC
  • General members of the public
  • Businesses; and
  • Industry associations