List of tables

Table 1: Demographic information for high income, low density settlement
Table 2: Demographic information for middle income, middle density settlement
Table 3: Demographic information for low income, high density (including informal settlements)
Table 4: Demographic information for rural settlement
Table 5: An example of a daily waste daily collection template
Table 6: An example of a monthly data capture form
Table 7: Summary of waste recording for ward x
Table 8: General waste types categorisation
Table 9: Determining current domestic waste generation rates per capita
Table 10: Estimation of future waste generation rates and quantities
Table 11: Status quo of waste disposal facilities in a particular municipality
Table 12: Status of waste collection services per settlement type
Table 13: Examples of categories of waste management cost drivers
Table 14: Summary of the budget
Goal 1: Promote recycling and recovery of waste
Goal 2: Ensure the effective and efficient delivery of waste services
Goal 3: Ensure that legislative tools are developed to deliver on the Waste Act and other applicable legislation
Goal 4: Sound budgeting and financing of waste management services
Goal 5: Ensure the safe and proper disposal of waste
Goal 6: Education and awareness
Goal 7: Compliance and enforcement
Table 15: Stakeholder consultation and participation
Table 16: Implementation plan (summary of an IWMP planning process)
Annexure A: Typical volumes of vehicles using waste disposal facilitiesn
Annexure B: Typical densities of different municipal waste streams