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Annexure A: Typical volumes of vehicles using waste disposal facilities

Annexure B: Typical densities of different municipal waste streams

Waste categorisation Waste type Density kg/m3
Domestic waste Domestic waste compacted in REL 500
Domestic uncompacted 200
Mix domestic/garden (more domestic than garden) 200
Mix domestic/building rubble (more domestic than building) 250
Commercial/Industrial Commercial/Industrial - packaging (paper and plastics) 200
Commercial/Industrial - timber/metal 150
Tyres 150
Inert Waste (Contruction waste) Building rubble/concrete/sand/ fiber glass/bricks/ceramics 750
Building rubble/industrial mix (more building than packaging) 350
Building/garden mix (more building than garden) 250
Garden waste Loose grass/small branches 200
Large logs 400
Garden/building mix (more garden than building) 250
Perishable waste Food waste/animal fodder 840