16. Development of culture of community participation

  1. A municipality must develop a culture of municipal governance that complements formal representative government with a system of participatory governance, and must for this purpose-
    1. encourage, and create conditions for, the local community to participate in the affairs of the municipality, including in-
      1. the preparation. implementation and review of its integrated development plan in terms of Chapter 5;
      2. the establishment, implementation and review of its performance management system in terms of Chapter 6;
      3. the monitoring and review of its performance, including the outcomes and impact of such performance;
      4. the preparation of its budget; and
      5. strategic decisions relating to the provision of municipal services in terms of Chapter 8;
    2. contribute to building the capacity of-
      1. the local community to enable it to participate in the affairs of the municipality; and
      2. councillors and staff to foster community participation; and
    3. use its resources, and annually allocate funds in its budget, as may be appropriate for the purpose of implementing paragraphs (a) and (b).
  2. Subsection (1) must not be interpreted as permitting interference with a municipal council’s right to govern and to exercise the executive and legislative authority of the municipality.