21. Communications to local community

  1. When anything must be notified by a municipality through the media to the local community in terms of this Act or any other applicable legislation, it must be done-
    1. in the local newspaper or newspapers of its area;
    2. in a newspaper or newspapers circulating in its area and determined by the council as a newspaper of record; or
    3. by means of radio broadcasts covering the area of the municipality.
  2. Any such notification must be in the official languages determined by the council, having regard to language preferences and usage within its area.
  3. A copy of every notice that must be published in the Provincial Gazette or the media in terns of this Act or any other applicable legislation, must be displayed at the municipal offices.
  4. When the municipality invites the local community to submit written comments or representations on any matter before the council, it must be stated in the invitation that any person who cannot write may come during office hours to a place where a staff member of the municipality named in the invitation, will assist that person to transcribe that person's comments or representations.
    1. When a municipality requires a form to be completed by a member of the local community, a staff member of the municipality must give reasonable assistance to persons who cannot read or write, to enable such persons to understand and complete the form;
    2. If the form relates to the payment of money to the municipality or to the provision of any service, the assistance must include an explanation of its terms and conditions.