22. Regulations and guidelines

  1. The Minister may in terms of section 120 make regulations or issue guidelines concerning-
    1. minimum standards for municipalities, including minimum standards relating to funding, when implementing the provisions of this Chapter; and
    2. any matter that may facilitate-
      1. the participation of the local community in the affairs of the municipality; or
      2. the application of this Chapter.
  2. When making regulations or issuing guidelines in terms of section 120 to provide for or to regulate the matters mentioned in subsection (1) of this section, the Minister must-
    1. take into account the capacity of municipalities to comply with those matters; and
    2. differentiate between different kinds of municipalities according to their respective capacities.
  3. The Minister, by notice in the Gazette, may phase in the application of the provisions of this Chapter which place a financial or administrative burden on municipalities.
  4. A notice in terms of subsection (3) may-
    1. determine different dates on which different provisions of this Chapter become applicable to municipalities;
    2. apply to all municipalities generally;
    3. differentiate between different kinds of municipalities which may. for the purpose of the phasing in of the relevant provisions, be defined in the notice in relation to categories or types of municipalities or in any other way; or
    4. apply to a specific kind of municipality only, as defined in the notice.