45. Application for waste management licences

  1. A person who requires a waste management licence must apply for the licence by lodging an application with the licensing authority.
  2. An application for a waste management licence must be accompanied by-
    1. the prescribed processing fee; and
    2. such documentation and information as may be reasonably required by the licensing authority.
  3. A person who requires a waste management licence for a waste management activity which involves the treatment of waste by incineration must submit, together with any documentation or information contemplated in subsection (2), information on-
    1. the types of waste that will be incinerated;
    2. the existence of any incinerators in the jurisdiction of the licensing authority which are authorised to incinerate waste which is substantially similar to that waste; and
    3. alternative environmentally sound methods, if any, that could be used to treat that waste.