47. Procedure for waste management licence applications

  1. The licensing authority-
    1. may, by written notice, require the applicant, at the applicant's cost, to obtain and provide it within a specified period with any other information in addition to the information contained in or submitted in connection with the application;
    2. may conduct its own investigation on the likely effect of the waste management activity on health and the environment;
    3. must invite written comments from any organ of state that has an interest in the matter; and
    4. must afford the applicant an opportunity to make representations on any adverse statements or objections to the application.
  2. An applicant must take appropriate steps to bring the application to the attention of relevant organs of state, interested persons and the public.
  3. The steps contemplated in subsection (2) must include the publication of a notice in at least two newspapers circulating in the area in which the waste management activity applied for is to be carried out.
  4. The notice contemplated in subsection (3) must-
    1. describe the nature and purpose of the waste management licence applied for;
    2. give particulars of the waste management activity, including the place where it is or is to be carried out;
    3. state where further information on the waste management activity can be obtained;
    4. stating a reasonable period within which written representations on, or objections to, the application may be submitted, and the address or place where representations or objections must be submitted; and
    5. contain such other particulars as the licensing authority may require.