58. Waste management control officers

  1. A waste management officer may require the holder of a waste management licence to designate a waste management control officer, having regard to the size and nature of the waste management activity for which the licence was granted.
  2. A waste management control officer must-
    1. work towards the development and introduction of clean production technologies and practices to achieve waste minimisation;
    2. identify and submit potential measures in respect of waste minimisation, including the reduction, recovery, re-use and recycling of waste to the waste management licence holder and the licensing authority;
    3. take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance by the holder of the waste management licence with the licence conditions and requirements and the provisions of this Act; and
    4. promptly report any non-compliance with any licence conditions or requirements or provisions of this Act to the licensing authority through the most effective means reasonably available.
  3. This section does not affect the liability of the holder of a waste management licence or the liability of that licence holder to comply with the conditions and requirements of the licence.