6.1 Reporting

Section 13 (3) of the Waste Act requires that annual performance reports prepared in terms section 46 of the Municipal System Act must contain information on the implementation of the municipal IWMP, including the information in paragraphs (a) to (j) of subsection (2) insofar as it relates to the performance of the municipality. The information set out in paragraphs (a) to (j) is as follows:

  1. the extent to which the plan has been implemented during the period;
  2. the waste management initiatives that have been undertaken during the reporting period;
  3. the delivery of waste management services and measures taken to secure the efficient delivery of waste management services, if applicable;
  4. the level of compliance with the plan and any applicable waste management standards;
  5. the measures taken to secure compliance with waste management standards;
  6. the waste management monitoring activities;
  7. the actual budget expended on implementing the plan;
  8. the measures that have been taken to make any necessary amendments to the plan;
  9. in the case of a province, the extent to which municipalities comply with the plan and, in the event of any non-compliance with the plan, the reasons for such non-compliance: and
  10. any other requirements as may be prescribed by the Minister.

Compliance and monitoring:

A municipality should determine whether it has complied with the above requirements on reporting on the implementation of its IWMP. Has it produced the required annual performance reports which states how far it is with regards to attaining the goals and targets as per the IWMP?